Kaeté is investing in Tobasa, a company located in Tocantinópolis, state of Tocantins. Tobasa Bioindustrial built an innovative biorefinery that adds value to the babassu coconut, the fruit of a palm tree from the Amazon biodiversity, acquired from local communities in the region at a fair price, thereby stimulating forest conservation.

Tobasa developed an innovative technology to make full use of the babassu coconut (typically, the communities would extract and sell only the babassu nut, which represents 6% of the weight of the coconut) and set up a differentiated logistics structure to collect the coconut at predefined collection points in the communities. With this, the company can better remunerate its partners, which receive a higher price for the coconut and are able to collect a much larger volume of coconut (relative to what they collected in the past when they had to break the coconut to extract the babassu nuts).

The company produces (i) activated carbon for use in residential and industrial water filters, (ii) bioalcohol for use in the cosmetic and beverage industries, and (iii) other babassu by-products such as meal used for animal feed.

In 2015, Tobasa was recognized by TEEB Brazil (The Economics of Ecosystem and Biodiversity project in Brazil) as an important stakeholder in the biodiversity economy in Brazil. TEEB Brazil is a project sponsored by the Environmental Ministry of Brazil, CNI (National Association of the Industry Sector), and GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit).