Selling of Peixes da Amazônia’s products started this Thursday (26) on Acre’s largest supermarket chain. Grupo Araújo initially acquired a batch of 9 tons of processed fish from Peixes da Amazônia S.A.. The product is being processed in the fish farming complex, the most modern of its kind in Brazil.

Cuts like tenderloin, loin, rib, bands, pieces and stew are already available to consumers with attractive prices. According to Fábio Vaz, Director of Peixes da Amazônia, the industry is already processing 30 tons of fish per month. Fabio Vaz claims that Peixes da Amazônia S.A. has product to supply every supermarket in Acre.

“You will see, starting this Holy Week (Semana Santa), how much fish the state of Acre is producing. Peixes da Amazônia will be able to provide to us consumers, fish in quantity and also in quality and, with this partnership with the Araújo Supermarket chain, the price will be accessible to everyone “.

According to the Secretary of industry and Commerce of Acre, Fernando Lima, the complex managed by Peixes da Amazônia represents the consolidation of the largest aquaculture program ever developed in the state. “It is a great success to see the fish produced in Acre reach the consumer with this quality and with affordable prices, competing with products that come from the South of Brazil or from abroad, and being able to generate wealth and jobs for the local economy.”

by  EBC Rádios