Brasiléia is ready to receive Acre’s biggest industry, a processing plant for swine meat, which even before its opening is already changing the Alto Acre region. State governor Tião Viana and state representatives visited the premises of the new enterprise thursday, the 2nd, and learned that, even before its start-up, the company has already closed sales agreements with buyers in Peru and Bolivia. Because of delays on deliveries of equipment imported from Europe for the plant, the opening of the processing plant was delayed to September. When in operation, the processing plant will be able to process 280 animals per day and will create 350 new direct jobs. At full capacity, its processing capacity could jump to 700 animals per day with 1,000 direct jobs created.

“This is part of a completely new Acre. This plant uses equipment with technology to use everything that comes from the animal. This completely changes the economic development of Alto Acre enabling the company to sell its products in Brazil and export them to bordering Andean countries”, says Governor Tião Viana, who has assured full support to the project and, besides, has invested in the construction of barns for small and medium-sized swine farmers that will raise the animals in the Alto Acre region.

According to Paulo Santoyo, the entrepreneur responsible for Dom Porquito’s project, now is the time to invest in the processing plant’s new employees by way of training support from the Instituto Dom Moacyr (IDM). Using german automation technology in the industry, no employee will have to carry a load exceding 3 kg. Sausages, hams and other meat products will be produced on site.

“We had a problem with the initial schedule, something than can happen in a project of this size. But we plans are advancing as expected with the plant. In the meantime our pig reproduction unit is tripling in size and we are confident that this is Acre’s swine production big year,” reinforces Paulo Santoyo.

By Agência de Notícias do Acre, ANA