905, 2012
  • Gestoras de olho em projetos ambientais

Asset Managers Targets Sustainable Projects

Pragma and Kaeté have R$ 200 million for Private Equity and Venture Capital Funds to Invest in Projects with Sustainability Impact

Asset managers are eyeing environmental and sustainable projects. Pragma is constituting the second Investment Fund (FIP) of approximately R$ 100 million, of which 20% will be allocated to innovative companies where traditional investors usually not […]

903, 2011
  • Ouro Verde Amazônia

A Company Sourcing Brazil Nuts Creates both Environmental Benefits and Solid Profits

A company sourcing Brazil nuts creates both environmental benefits and solid profits. The Brazilian state of Mato Grosso (“tall trees”) is named for the majestic Amazonian rainforests hat cover its northern sections. Mato Grosso, however, has one of the highest rates of deforestation in Brazil. Brazilian entrepreneur Luis Laranja believes that the state’s Brazil nut […]